SuperM Reaction | SHINee ‘Don’t Call Me’ ☎❌ MV

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SuperM Reaction | SHINee ‘Don’t Call Me’ ☎❌ MV
'Don't Call Me' MV​
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  1. If you're a taekooker, you're a Taehyung anti
    If you're a taekooker, you're a Taehyung anti
    28 分 前

    Kai looks like he was hit in the face with a frying pan....

  2. •minsung•
    5 時間 前

    Beni arama bacim

  3. Julianelovesyou
    14 時間 前

    At 0:40 you can see Taemin looking at Kai for his reaction, and at 5:30 he said that he saw Kai enjoyed it lol

  4. Kpop Clips
    Kpop Clips
    17 時間 前

    Nobody : Me: Taemin is Taeyong 1sec. later : WHAT THE HECK DID I EVEN SAY?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!

  5. Kpop Clips
    Kpop Clips
    17 時間 前

    SuperM all time : ooooooooooooooooooooo. Or so cool😂

  6. idlecar
    日 前

    They say more about the other members than Taemin lol 😭

  7. okureau
    日 前

    Literally everyone is in love with Onew's voice

  8. 핫도그도그핫도그도그하앗
    日 前

    맨날 썸넬 데 알흠다움 으로 읽음;;

  9. Joy
    日 前

    mark be like: *did I mention I was a shinee fan?* hahaha, he's so cute and also I agree, I love Onew's bridge part too

  10. Ayşenur Çelik
    Ayşenur Çelik
    日 前


  11. Niakook Bangtan Dimash
    Niakook Bangtan Dimash
    日 前

    *Taemin looks so pround of that* *Love SuperM, SHINee, NCT and EXO*

  12. haruka
    日 前


  13. I Am Dokyeom Mystery Mystery
    I Am Dokyeom Mystery Mystery
    日 前

    I got so deep into the video I didn’t even see Ten and Taeyong together🥺 but look at the TaeTen moment at 3:25 Ten started nodding his head like Taeyong 🥺then at 3:29 Mark joined with them 😭

  14. KIRA
    2 日 前

    So nobody wanna talk about beakhyun singing “Why so serious” in the beginning 0:05!!😂 like he hit notes tho

  15. Rayan Gaber
    Rayan Gaber
    2 日 前


  16. ツ N a N a
    ツ N a N a
    2 日 前

    Wow, wow creativity 😭

  17. Meg Kemp
    Meg Kemp
    3 日 前

    Of course Baekhyun be screaming the whole time.... crackhead energy and im here for it 🥰

  18. Sydney Wynn
    Sydney Wynn
    3 日 前


  19. Diba Mehrabi
    Diba Mehrabi
    3 日 前

    I'm proud of taemin and shinee

  20. 부러미
    3 日 前

    웃긴게 태민이는 샤이니 맴버 안에서는 막냉이라서 둥기둥기 당하는데 여기 맴버에서는 맏내라서 자기가 동생들 어화둥둥 하고있음 ㅋㅋ쿠ㅜㅜ

  21. X O L Capital
    X O L Capital
    3 日 前

    I see 6 men and 1 bear here

    1. Rayan Gaber
      Rayan Gaber
      2 日 前

      LOL YEAH

  22. lintang paramesti
    lintang paramesti
    3 日 前

    mark being so genuine appreciating onew's bridge!!!!! thank you mark!

  23. shabrina kusuma
    shabrina kusuma
    3 日 前

    baekhyun’s reaction is SOOOOO SATISFYING 🤣🤣😊🥰🥰

  24. Your Friendly User
    Your Friendly User
    3 日 前

    You know it's hella chaotic when Baekhyun is already loud in the first few seconds.

  25. taeyong lee
    taeyong lee
    3 日 前

    I sound silly but I noticed taeyong bounces his knees a lot, now I know that lot of people are that way, but some could have it for anxiety or hehe. I've noticed taeyong doesnt like to stay still a lot. But I'm just saying

  26. Shreya Saha
    Shreya Saha
    4 日 前

    They have the exact same hairstyle that they have in We Do MV. (I'm just mentioning it because after watching it again, I noticed this)

  27. Emma V704
    Emma V704
    4 日 前

    They should react to aspea forever mv

  28. Sarahpro
    4 日 前

    Mark was so fanboying !!! so cute !!

  29. Anika Sriram
    Anika Sriram
    4 日 前

    Baekhyun was such a mood like hip hop hip hop yeah ~lmao 😂😂😂😂

  30. Na Jaemin
    Na Jaemin
    4 日 前


  31. Rod Zaballa
    Rod Zaballa
    4 日 前

    The "c'mon on man" of Baekhyun. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  32. Rod Zaballa
    Rod Zaballa
    4 日 前

    The "c'mon on man" of Baekhyun. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  33. So Be
    So Be
    4 日 前

    Anyone know what Baekhyun was singing at the beginning?

  34. Riot Johnson
    Riot Johnson
    4 日 前

    Mark is such a fan!

  35. Linda Fea Avestruz
    Linda Fea Avestruz
    5 日 前


  36. Marthe Tegelan
    Marthe Tegelan
    5 日 前

    After Taeten's dinner together last night, went to watch this again to look for any subtle clues on whats goin on bet the two of them 😁

  37. κιΜ και
    κιΜ και
    5 日 前

    المقطع عباره عن وااااهــ 😂

  38. κιΜ και
    κιΜ και
    5 日 前

    Taeyoung:::SHINee is back Me::::Wow taeyoung you so beautiful

  39. Amy Franklin
    Amy Franklin
    5 日 前

    Looking at this video AFTER watching SuperM "We Do" mv I get the feeling that they had either filmed it or were in the process of learning dance choreography

  40. Amy Franklin
    Amy Franklin
    5 日 前

    Everyone: talking about you should..he is gorgeous!! Me: Focused on TenMark being comfortable and cozy with Mark's touching Ten's knee occasionally!

  41. Thejeswini R
    Thejeswini R
    5 日 前

    Baekyun looks super small in his huge padded coat 😅😂♥️

  42. Ricky'nin Poposu
    Ricky'nin Poposu
    5 日 前

    SHINee fans reacted the "Don't Call Me" * 😂

  43. bahar
    6 日 前

    i want to eat kai

  44. Eri
    6 日 前

    *Baekhyun say always* *Hip Hop Man, Come on Man*

  45. Nichole Ebert vlogs
    Nichole Ebert vlogs
    6 日 前

    Hey superm I know that I am late to the party but can you guys react to taemins solo mv and taeyongs solo mv as well please and thank you 😊

  46. SoyNutsAndKale
    6 日 前

    Lucas wondering why Minho looks exactly like him

  47. Afri Yanto
    Afri Yanto
    6 日 前

    Never know Jongin had such crush on Minho. Even Taemin pointed that out loudly and Jongin admit it easily

  48. vQtiiV
    6 日 前

    please mark really said SWAG ar the beginning LMAOO

  49. kim_paraw ʕ͙•̫͑͡•ʔ
    kim_paraw ʕ͙•̫͑͡•ʔ
    7 日 前

    How many international are here Fans love Shinee? 👇

  50. Belinda Chhim
    Belinda Chhim
    7 日 前

    Wheres the tv

  51. Dina Jilinovana
    Dina Jilinovana
    7 日 前


  52. EXO kai chihiro sagara
    EXO kai chihiro sagara
    7 日 前


  53. Dinanga Wishiya
    Dinanga Wishiya
    7 日 前

    Watching back and realising their hairstyles are the same as the “How we DO” MV🧐😏

  54. Camille
    7 日 前

    SuperM is really just a bunch of Shawols + Taemin.

  55. CatchYouLaterr
    7 日 前

    Imagine I'm sitting here watching this smiling and laughing like I understand only to realise I don't have the freaking subs on

  56. CHERRYTÆ 07
    7 日 前

    so impressed

  57. Gabo and Nati in Australia
    Gabo and Nati in Australia
    8 日 前

    Mark is me everytime I watch “Don’t Call Me MV”😂😂😂

  58. Kaae
    8 日 前

    Imagine watching your idol's new MV together with your idol that now works together with you

  59. via 9
    via 9
    8 日 前

    baekhyun ; shinee is back back back aaahhhh me : faint

  60. Dhia Zahra Dzulhafiz
    Dhia Zahra Dzulhafiz
    8 日 前

    Everyone is proud of SHINee

  61. skrt
    8 日 前

    baekhyun PLEASE

  62. Jéssica
    8 日 前


  63. Red Blue
    Red Blue
    9 日 前

    카이랑 태민이랑 은근 닮은건 나만 그런건가?

  64. Ірина Сорока
    Ірина Сорока
    9 日 前

    Why in SuperM is no-one member of Suju?

  65. Zemira Vena
    Zemira Vena
    9 日 前

    5:14 taeyong looks like a babyyyyy 🥺😂

  66. 이j
    9 日 前

    태민아~태민이는 갠젹으로 샤이니 막내가 더 좋구만 ㅋㅋ

  67. Opus90 Z
    Opus90 Z
    10 日 前


  68. 김다인
    10 日 前

    나 이걸로 샤이니 뮤비 처음봄 ㅋㅋ 노래는 많이 들었는데

  69. ᴋᴏɴɢ ᴋᴇᴜʙᴏᴋ
    ᴋᴏɴɢ ᴋᴇᴜʙᴏᴋ
    10 日 前

    Baekhyun Fake Makae ❤️

  70. Salsa herdiani
    Salsa herdiani
    10 日 前

    do the bambi reaction 🥺

  71. Wong Wing Chi
    Wong Wing Chi
    10 日 前

    0:04 what song?? did baekhyun sing?

    1. dch windyvb
      dch windyvb
      9 日 前

      Why So Serious?

  72. Harerta Mohamed
    Harerta Mohamed
    11 日 前

    no one: Baekhyun: YAEH. YEAH..HIP HOP MAN YEAH YEAH! he is so cute!

  73. Mikki Tasso
    Mikki Tasso
    11 日 前

    LUCAS 🤩

  74. Dorothy Wong
    Dorothy Wong
    11 日 前

    So awesome to see Super M support SHINee & Taemin a lot!! It's cool to watch their comments & feel back abt SHINee's new single - Don't Call Me!

  75. Leia Richardson
    Leia Richardson
    11 日 前

    Onew voice is daebak

  76. Tataes with Kookies
    Tataes with Kookies
    11 日 前

    Mark and ten 👁👄👁

  77. Ami L
    Ami L
    12 日 前

    Pls str*am Bambi mv by Baekhyun!!!!Let's get 30m soon

  78. anakarolina freitas
    anakarolina freitas
    12 日 前

    I loooooveeeee them so cuuuutieeees 😆😆😆😍😍😍💖💖💖

    12 日 前

    So yall just letting them wear and yell "DURAG".. alr..

    1. aniicloe
      12 日 前

      Ikr 😭😭

  80. mta jnah
    mta jnah
    12 日 前

    80% coment is KAI KAI KAI,but i'm LIKE lol

  81. rukawa11killua
    12 日 前

    Awww I love this!! ❤️ Taemin looked so proud to show his new MV 💙 Baekhyun’s just being loud as always 😂 Lucas looks like a lil kid watching tv 😆 Kai’s being serious watching every detail of the MV 👀 Taeyeong getting hyped up but trying to keep it lowkey 🔥 Ten’s beautiful smile showing while watching the MV 🥰 Mark’s showing his true fangirling self and love for SHINEE 😂

  82. Na Jaemin
    Na Jaemin
    12 日 前

    Popular fact: Even if you put Baekhyun in the corner he will always be the center of attention😌

  83. Liss Byun
    Liss Byun
    13 日 前

    Baekhyunee so energetic, loud and adorable as always.

  84. Liss Byun
    Liss Byun
    13 日 前

    Kai is like a cute bear

  85. naila hikma
    naila hikma
    13 日 前

    Aku suka banget yaampun sampek liat 5 kali tetep masih suka

  86. Redrosie
    13 日 前

    The fact that I smiled through out the whole Video

  87. Chilen Jere Angeli Balid
    Chilen Jere Angeli Balid
    13 日 前

    welcome to another video of super m fanboying over shinee

  88. Alyanna Borromeo
    Alyanna Borromeo
    13 日 前

    Baekhyun being the fake maknae for entire 6:08.

  89. เพ้นเลิฟ prombenz
    เพ้นเลิฟ prombenz
    13 日 前


  90. aeries87
    13 日 前

    ...... KAI

  91. denisse chuco
    denisse chuco
    14 日 前

    Baekhyun is so extra hahahaha I love him ❤

  92. denisse chuco
    denisse chuco
    14 日 前

    His body.YES.

  93. Taehyung’s Bag
    Taehyung’s Bag
    14 日 前

    Okay so I’m really new to Exo and I came across SuperM, and I see Kai & Baekhyun there, why? Did Exo disband or something and they went to superm??

    1. Taehyung’s Bag
      Taehyung’s Bag
      13 日 前

      @Angela Col Ohh okay got it, thank you so much for explaining

    2. Angela Col
      Angela Col
      13 日 前

      No EXO will never disband. They are on hiatus because some members are in the army. They will be active again when they finish with the military. Kai and Baekhyun are in a second group, too, SuperM, along with other artists from the same company. Baekhyun is enlisting in May, too, but Kai is younger and he will be having solo activities.Other EXO members, too. SuperM are releasing a single in a few days for an ad.

  94. bald kyungsoo
    bald kyungsoo
    14 日 前

    0:00 PLEASE !! THE NOISIEST GUY IS THE LEADER (like who would even believe that)

  95. Bunny Bee Hunny
    Bunny Bee Hunny
    14 日 前

    Shout out to Kim Kai's designer

  96. alya maisarah
    alya maisarah
    14 日 前

    do reaction to baekhyun bambi too ^^

  97. E B
    E B
    14 日 前

    They should do this for Bambi MV as well

  98. Clover Blue
    Clover Blue
    14 日 前

    I am *OFFICALLY* a fan of Mark now, because how openly he loves SHINee. He is my spirit animal. Mark if you ever read this, contact me because you and I are sharing one brain cell.😎

  99. witch is back
    witch is back
    14 日 前

    honestly shinee never disappoints me i love all of what they do

  100. Ahlam Adam
    Ahlam Adam
    15 日 前

    Can someone tell me why are they all from different groups and they all now super m why is that ???