Daft Punk - Epilogue

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  1. Rose Meschke
    Rose Meschke
    分 前

    All good things must come to an end. But as one door closes another opens. May you two always find happiness in whatever you do. Thank you for countless years of countless and timeless classics. Thank you for not only paving the way for future artists but leaving a collection of the last almost 30 years worth of memories for more than just myself. Again. Thank you daft punk. I say this with a heavy heart. Goodbye ❤️

  2. Christopher Castillo
    Christopher Castillo
    5 分 前

    No me puedo creer que Daft Punk se separen, todavía me recuerdo las noches que pasaba jugando con la música en el máximo volumen, o mientras dibujaba todo inspirado por el ritmo y también todas esas veces que e visto Interstella5555, por lo bien que iba el ritmo con lo que se mostraba en la película. Creo que lo único que puedo decir es, gracia por todos estos años :'). 1993-2021

  3. Camila Bine
    Camila Bine
    16 分 前

    27 years... the maximum age of the stars, right?

  4. Dracarius Duxtorm
    Dracarius Duxtorm
    31 分 前

    1:46 nearly fucking cried..

  5. Donaja Marjun
    Donaja Marjun
    34 分 前

    Your journey was astronomical, thank you for the grand entertainment as performers, musicians, and as you are from here on; Legends of Electronic Music.

  6. Westküstenkiter
    37 分 前

    Ihr wart super .... eine ehra geht zuende .... man mag es garnicht glauben :(

  7. P.J Edwards Sxc
    P.J Edwards Sxc
    37 分 前

    @daft Punk. Your work, your art had changes many of our lives in ways all of us cannot explain. From the small country of New Zealand! I thank you. We all thank you for your service and time thought out the generation. And the generations to come. and Listen to your art to come!

  8. Alexis Guerrero
    Alexis Guerrero
    38 分 前

    Although their journey has ended, their legacy continues in the music they have produced.

  9. New plush Juniper
    New plush Juniper
    41 分 前

    2018 : Xxxtentacion 2019 : juice wrld 2020 : Kobe Bryan 2021 : Daft punk...

  10. Anurag Kawade
    Anurag Kawade
    44 分 前

    Im in tears 😭

  11. 정연우
    48 分 前

    We still love you

  12. FrostyMcFlurry YT
    FrostyMcFlurry YT
    48 分 前

    one last dance...

  13. matthew
    53 分 前

    Did the siver one blow up?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  14. Marinaculous yeet
    Marinaculous yeet
    56 分 前

    Thanks for the amazing music, legends

  15. ミケらんじぇろ
    時間 前


  16. purplesyndrome
    時間 前

    at least show me your face before you guys quit or break up or what so ever

  17. deus vult
    deus vult
    時間 前

    May you never be forgotten or fall into random obscurity you guys are legendary thank you for everything

  18. rad. fool
    rad. fool
    時間 前

    RIP Daft Punk you will be remembered for ages

  19. Neowise
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  20. Murat
    時間 前

    2021 started like shit

  21. Angus Wellejus
    Angus Wellejus
    時間 前

    This is beautiful! What a great Legacy you have! You will be remembered!☺️

  22. Demoni Animations
    Demoni Animations
    時間 前

    Farewell. . . . Legends.

  23. ChunkyloverAku
    時間 前

    6:18 jojo part 3 ending

  24. Stupid dech5
    Stupid dech5
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  25. owen domini
    owen domini
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  26. xXraul NoobXx
    xXraul NoobXx
    時間 前

    Daft punk you change the world with your music tanks for all and good bye

  27. daniel Giraldo gomez
    daniel Giraldo gomez
    2 時間 前

    I have a question. This is no the end of the movie. That they made around 2006. Electroma.

  28. Lalo
    2 時間 前


  29. 黑暗領主
    2 時間 前

    Bro.. Daft Punk Forever.. 💔🙏

  30. Arjun P
    Arjun P
    2 時間 前

    5:24 Illuminati !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Lucid
      2 時間 前

      not every triangle is an illuminati symbol smh

  31. doriana
    2 時間 前

    my dreams were orchestrated by your music..thank you Daft Punk!

  32. SL Ghost
    SL Ghost
    2 時間 前

    y u do this to us

  33. doriana
    2 時間 前

    i cant describe how sad i am to see you go before getting to see you play live even one time!

  34. Octave
    2 時間 前

    On s'en souviendra

  35. Gridd Not Found
    Gridd Not Found
    2 時間 前

    Goodbye and thank you

  36. Данила Корнеев
    Данила Корнеев
    2 時間 前

    Sorrowful sound..

    3 時間 前

    ((((((( ГРУСТЬ

  38. treda82
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  39. Spooderman
    3 時間 前

    Hooroo, mates. You'll be missed.

  40. NIDUS
    3 時間 前


  41. Svo Loch
    Svo Loch
    3 時間 前

    Well... Shit... Had a mildly-shit day. Came looking for a pick-me-up. See a new vid titled "Epilogue". My heart skipped a bit and dropped. Open it up. Hope to God I'm wrong. Unfortunately I was not... Feels almost as bad when family pet dies... WTF 2021, you were supposed to be better than 2020... Now I need a pick-me-up even more, so I'm of to listen to all my fav Daft Punk tunes. I will miss these guys.

  42. Joshua Edelen
    Joshua Edelen
    3 時間 前

    I like the subtle Gerry movie reference

  43. LonelyWolf
    3 時間 前

    Damn. Daft punk was a part of my childhood and still in this day i listen some of their songs. I'm not even a super big fan but this made me heartbroken

  44. Vittão
    3 時間 前

    Já começamos o ano BEM kkkkkk

  45. Jose raul Vazquez gutierrez
    Jose raul Vazquez gutierrez
    3 時間 前


  46. kinshuk gautam
    kinshuk gautam
    3 時間 前

    Isn’t this video from song veridis quo

  47. Jose Francisco Gomez
    Jose Francisco Gomez
    3 時間 前

    Almost 2 weeks since then and still hurts. Thank Daft Punk! Merci beaucoup robots!

  48. عبدالله متعب السيف
    عبدالله متعب السيف
    3 時間 前


  49. F1re B3nder
    F1re B3nder
    3 時間 前

    It's been a week and i still tear up when I watch this

  50. Anthony games n vlogs
    Anthony games n vlogs
    4 時間 前

    Nooo my childhood is broken for ever

  51. ElAnti Social
    ElAnti Social
    4 時間 前

    4:30 Change *THE WORLD* my final mesagge, goodbye

  52. Sethimus
    4 時間 前

    Daft Punk will live on through the wonderful community they've built over the last 28 years! Thank you for inspiring one of my most successful videos and bringing joy to millions.

    1. CallMeAfton
      10 分 前

      Sethimus, now you have to bring back Autotune

  53. Leonor Perez
    Leonor Perez
    4 時間 前

    :( megustada esa banda 💔😭😢

  54. This guy Has jashin
    This guy Has jashin
    4 時間 前

    Dude just became a cs go bomb

  55. Voxorin
    4 時間 前

    I'm not ready.

  56. Soyar
    4 時間 前


  57. Saddle lite Beer
    Saddle lite Beer
    4 時間 前

    It's the turn around point I thought I'd let you know. I still love you....

    1. Saddle lite Beer
      Saddle lite Beer
      4 時間 前

      Timestamp: 2:13 I'm not Satan. Come back.

  58. Evan Keil
    Evan Keil
    4 時間 前

    those helmets still mad clean after like 30 years

  59. Bab
    4 時間 前


  60. axel caillet
    axel caillet
    4 時間 前

    Vous resterai toujours dans nos playlists et celle de nos enfants

  61. aboutgaming ghost
    aboutgaming ghost
    5 時間 前

    Well music is gonna go down hill form here. It's been I good run

  62. twoseokay
    5 時間 前

    still not over this :(

  63. Chapuza Content
    Chapuza Content
    5 時間 前

    I just can’t get over the fact this happened

  64. UN KNOWN
    5 時間 前

    안녕 잘가 그리울거야

  65. Comandante Gree
    Comandante Gree
    5 時間 前


    5 時間 前

    The daft punk now found a end. But those years of listening to them were worth it.

  67. ThatOneAmbivert
    5 時間 前

    Legends rise like a soaring eagle and fall like the sunset. We'll miss you.

  68. guenole lacroix
    guenole lacroix
    5 時間 前


  69. Polish Padawan
    Polish Padawan
    5 時間 前

    I'm from Buffalo NY. 16 years old listening to Discovery CD on our family road trip to Myrtle Beach. CD changed my life. Never heard anything like them. Did not here Homework yet. Digital Love one of my favorite songs of that album. Summer fling for 2 weeks. Drive home had Discovery playing over and over. They will always have a place in my heart and memories that will last forever. Thanks Daft Punk

  70. Shjdhx Sıksjdjf
    Shjdhx Sıksjdjf
    5 時間 前


  71. Jaime Sanchez
    Jaime Sanchez
    5 時間 前

    Im still crying :(

  72. Le Bodinho
    Le Bodinho
    5 時間 前


  73. What the frick
    What the frick
    5 時間 前

    Good bye draft punk, you evolved generations on music, you will be forevered missed

  74. Shadow Judge
    Shadow Judge
    5 時間 前

    The past few days I've been listening to Daft Punk's music out of compulsion. Now I know why... 🙁 Farewell, gods of music.

  75. Angelo Naranjo
    Angelo Naranjo
    5 時間 前

    Why?.... ;-;

  76. Milkdromeda
    5 時間 前

    The blaze of glory

  77. Diamond Knight
    Diamond Knight
    5 時間 前

    You'll be missed

  78. Avalon Schultz
    Avalon Schultz
    6 時間 前

    Rip why did this make me so sad

  79. Emilio Isaac Martínez Guadarrama
    Emilio Isaac Martínez Guadarrama
    6 時間 前


  80. Кирилл Пенкин
    Кирилл Пенкин
    6 時間 前

    Мы потеряли легенд,спасибо вам за классную музыку😭

  81. Sergei Soloviev
    Sergei Soloviev
    6 時間 前

    I dreamed to visit DP live sometime for the last few years. Now it seems never would be happen:( so sad

  82. Luc Guay
    Luc Guay
    6 時間 前

    WOW! So touching without any music(except the grande finale! of course) or any facial expressions! Wasn't a huge fan, but i'm a 80's baby so they always been there ! FAREWELL GUYS! xxx

  83. therealseal
    6 時間 前

    4:33 By far and away, the most expensive shot of the movie.

  84. franco pacheco
    franco pacheco
    6 時間 前


    1. franco pacheco
      franco pacheco
      6 時間 前

      Bueno que hago._. Tengo ezquisofrenia ayuda

    2. franco pacheco
      franco pacheco
      6 時間 前

      Estoi lol

  85. Thierry L59
    Thierry L59
    6 時間 前

    Merci pour tout....et bonne route 👏

    6 時間 前

    Daft Punk, the legend, we gonne miss it

  87. Carlos Miranda
    Carlos Miranda
    6 時間 前

    Ya no me esta gustando este año

  88. SpookyScarySkeletons
    6 時間 前

    encore please

  89. Christopher Notfallingforit
    Christopher Notfallingforit
    6 時間 前

    I love you swedes!!!

  90. Christopher Notfallingforit
    Christopher Notfallingforit
    6 時間 前


  91. Christopher Notfallingforit
    Christopher Notfallingforit
    6 時間 前

    Who's ready for swedish House mafia to split 😂

  92. Survival
    7 時間 前

    You'll be missed.

  93. WileyEye659
    7 時間 前

    Maybe one day, the music industry will birth another group. But I dont think it will ever, EVER, make a group as memorable and loved by the world as Daft punk was. You two have truly brought life back to music and the world over. You have earned this gentlemen, thank you

  94. PRO EliteKing X
    PRO EliteKing X
    7 時間 前

    That's enough to make a grown man cry😢

  95. Ashhh Akatsuki
    Ashhh Akatsuki
    7 時間 前

    Sayonara dattebayo.

  96. Ethan Hunter
    Ethan Hunter
    7 時間 前

    Thank you.

  97. Gavin Schmidt
    Gavin Schmidt
    7 時間 前

    N....No....I'm not...crying ;_(

  98. Neko Jongklek
    Neko Jongklek
    7 時間 前

    The end of the legend Peace ✊

  99. Hankeres :v
    Hankeres :v
    7 時間 前

    Adiós Daft punk siempre estarás, en nuestros corazones.

  100. Christian YT 大
    Christian YT 大
    7 時間 前

    Son increíbles simplemente