[2019 MAMA] TOP 10 Most Watched Performances Compilation (조회수 TOP 10 무대 모아보기)

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TOP 1 Most Watched Performance ‘MAMAMOO - HIP REMIX ver.’
TOP 2 Most Watched Performance ‘TWICE - Feel Special (R&B remix)’
TOP 3 Most Watched Performance ‘Dua Lipa(두아 리파)/HWASA(화사) - Don't Start Now/New Rules’
TOP 4 Most Watched Performance ‘BTS - INTRO + N.O + We are bulletproof pt.2’
TOP 5 Most Watched Performance ‘BTS - Boy With Luv + Mikrokosmos’
TOP 7 Most Watched Performance ‘TWICE - Fancy’
TOP 8 Most Watched Performance ‘ITZY - DALLA DALLA’
TOP 9 Most Watched Performance ‘J.Y. Park & MAMAMOO - Who's your mama? + Yes I am’
TOP 10 Most Watched Performance ‘J.Y. Park & HWASA - Don't Leave Me’
Gate to NEW-TOPIA, 2020 MAMA
2020.12.06 (SUN)


  1. Mnet K-POP
    Mnet K-POP
    5 ヶ月 前

    00:00 J.Y. Park & HWASA - Don't Leave Me 01:33 J.Y. Park & MAMAMOO - Who's your mama? + Yes I am 03:22 ITZY - DALLA DALLA 07:06 TWICE - Fancy 10:45 ATEEZ - BEST PERFORMANCE MASH UP 2 + WONDERLAND 14:25 BTS - Boy With Luv + Mikrokosmos 20:46 BTS - INTRO + N.O + We are bulletproof pt.2 28:59 Dua Lipa(두아 리파)/HWASA(화사) - New Rules& Don't Start Now 33:51 TWICE - Feel Special (R&B remix) 38:02 MAMAMOO - HIP REMIX ver.

    1. Agnivesh S
      Agnivesh S
      15 日 前

      KWEENS (MAMAMOO) Dominated 😉💜💜💜⚡

    2. ارمي للابد
      ارمي للابد
      15 日 前


    3. lisa kendrick
      lisa kendrick
      15 日 前

      Yes mamamoo I’m an army but those girls deserve it

    4. Himanshi Oraon
      Himanshi Oraon
      22 日 前


    5. FM LEGEND
      27 日 前

      BTS the best

  2. rowy
    日 前


  3. Dummy Account
    Dummy Account
    日 前


  4. kalina willes
    kalina willes
    日 前

    I love that all these groups are hella dressed up, and bts was so casual in jeans and sweaters 😂😂 I now know that it was just only the beginning 😂😂😂

  5. m m
    m m
    日 前


  6. insanlık mensubuyum
    insanlık mensubuyum
    日 前

    Hwasa who’s

  7. insanlık mensubuyum
    insanlık mensubuyum
    日 前

    Twıce fanı olanlara allah sabır versin işiniz çok zor shhshdhdhhd

  8. Mariana Cores
    Mariana Cores
    日 前

    ¿Por qué nadie habla de la reina Dua Lipa?

  9. Angels_ world
    Angels_ world
    2 日 前

    BTS IS BEEEEST😏😌👌👌💛💙💜

  10. しんしんしんしんしんしん
    2 日 前


  11. leyla aydemir
    leyla aydemir
    2 日 前


  12. 네
    3 日 前

    I’m sorry these plastic pants aren’t it but atleast they look good

  13. kai wife94
    kai wife94
    3 日 前

    Where is the king 👑 exo?

  14. Zainab💛✨
    3 日 前

    14:30 BTS💜

  15. Shanel Borres
    Shanel Borres
    3 日 前

    Twice ❣️

  16. Tesalonika Abigail
    Tesalonika Abigail
    3 日 前

    good to see ateez there, but yea their 2019 mama performace are littttttttttttt 🔥🔥

  17. Second Child
    Second Child
    4 日 前


  18. IamCato
    4 日 前

    13:20 song ?

  19. dahyun careca
    dahyun careca
    4 日 前

    Mamamoo(hip) Twice (feel special)best perfomaces

  20. Fearl Gorzon
    Fearl Gorzon
    4 日 前

    Miss this🥺

  21. nassira khalili
    nassira khalili
    6 日 前

    I'm so proud of my bangtan boys💜💜💜💜

  22. Saumya Koul
    Saumya Koul
    6 日 前

    tbh 2019 mama was one of the best mama like a lot of good things happened that time like Jackson's priceless reaction to jype Mamamoo gave us like ig 4 performances V fanboying over mmm Namjoon's priceless reaction to mmm Ateez's performance mashup [ngl but their performance was iconic as heck!] We had a BTS and Ateez interaction Jhope,tae and Jimin enjoying the atz performance Tae's vibe check was passed multiple times Got7's table was taken bec they were playing bottle cap challenge Dua Lipa! Sunmi and Taemin move Ateez got their roty Mingi's performance was no joke other Idols enjoying itzy's dalla dalla bts,mmm,atz,twice finally all in top 10 most watched performances There are many more.!!! It was one of my fav

  23. Mimi Janvier
    Mimi Janvier
    6 日 前

    mmm... I'm not sure why Dua Lipa was there but the crow was dead quiet lol. I felt like she killed the mood after BTS performed.

  24. Dormitory Chef
    Dormitory Chef
    6 日 前

    I heard that "money, money, money" song somewhere with only fewer dancing members but I like the version here, did they expand? they've got a lot of members now.

  25. strawberries.
    6 日 前

    I clicked on the video because of Dua lipa!

  26. Ye Sha
    Ye Sha
    7 日 前


  27. Iliana Falcon
    Iliana Falcon
    7 日 前

    los amo abts

  28. Rukiye Atsız
    Rukiye Atsız
    7 日 前

    BTS 💜♾️

  29. BTS ARMY jungkook lover
    BTS ARMY jungkook lover
    8 日 前


  30. Bink Comon Besitulo
    Bink Comon Besitulo
    8 日 前

    keeps on repeating 1:31 because of their reactions plus they are so prettyyyyy damn

  31. Kokoro
    8 日 前

    BTS are art, the best!!

  32. Micha Acopiado
    Micha Acopiado
    9 日 前

    the emotional Twice Feel Special Performances 🥺😭

  33. Sunset Shine
    Sunset Shine
    9 日 前

    MAMAMOO the best girl group

  34. V M
    V M
    9 日 前

    i live for jackson's expressions whenever jyp performs. he's just like "what are you doing over there, old man" lmao

  35. Crazy
    10 日 前

    Wow mamamoo hip always one #mamamoo

  36. Elaf Alqhtani
    Elaf Alqhtani
    11 日 前

    Twice best girl group

  37. Luciana Sofia Leon Luza
    Luciana Sofia Leon Luza
    11 日 前


  38. Acchan
    11 日 前


  39. Eliety Ferreira
    Eliety Ferreira
    11 日 前


  40. Kpop all Music
    Kpop all Music
    12 日 前

    BTS BTS boy with luv

  41. yongkong byulkong
    yongkong byulkong
    12 日 前

    Woahh MAMAMOO

  42. Pranidhi Singh
    Pranidhi Singh
    12 日 前

    BTS’S VOCALS 💥🥰 ❤️

  43. Diane Vcabagsang
    Diane Vcabagsang
    12 日 前

    So amazing that my favorite kpop groups is awarded to the MAMA 😮😮😮😮❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍

  44. kpop fans
    kpop fans
    12 日 前

    Mamamoo are the real queens of Kpop.

  45. Melek #saveralph Adiyan
    Melek #saveralph Adiyan
    12 日 前


  46. Suwanna Jatturat
    Suwanna Jatturat
    13 日 前


  47. HP Zonun Mawii
    HP Zonun Mawii
    13 日 前

    Seventeen performance was a total hit I'm shaking in fear.

  48. fight 4 urself
    fight 4 urself
    13 日 前

    Me as a blink:🙂🙃

    1. Procrastinator
      11 日 前

      Blinks should know that BlackPink doesn't attend MAMA.

  49. munar sih
    munar sih
    13 日 前


  50. xherfie 24
    xherfie 24
    13 日 前

    BTS broke the stage and turned into their concert. 🔥👑

  51. pigs these days
    pigs these days
    13 日 前


  52. •『مــۦٰؖ͜ـࢪۆ 𖤐』 •
    •『مــۦٰؖ͜ـࢪۆ 𖤐』 •
    13 日 前

    Just Army

  53. AL JIN FARHA Farha
    AL JIN FARHA Farha
    13 日 前

    BTS ILOVE YOU 😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋 wow

  54. vaibhavi A.
    vaibhavi A.
    13 日 前

    Hehe! It looks like bts Concert more than MAMA awards!!😂💜

  55. Srosht army bts
    Srosht army bts
    13 日 前


  56. malin erga-håland
    malin erga-håland
    13 日 前

    Yeosang finally got some lines

  57. Romina Amparo Ventura Quispe
    Romina Amparo Ventura Quispe
    14 日 前

    20:32 this is crazy

  58. Yashal Mirza yashal
    Yashal Mirza yashal
    14 日 前


  59. Wheein Forever
    Wheein Forever
    14 日 前


  60. sherlin torres arriaga
    sherlin torres arriaga
    14 日 前

    Parecía más un concierto de BTS

  61. 시은이
    14 日 前

    I love BTS

  62. useranonymous
    15 日 前

    Entery bts wow🤩🥰🤩🤩🤩🥰🥰🥰🤩🥰🥰🥰🤩🤩 noise to make

  63. useranonymous
    15 日 前

    Btssssssss🤩🥰🥰🥰🤩🥰☺️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰☺️🥰🤩🤩 i like BTS 😍💙❤️ only bts ❤️💙😍❤️❤️💙❤️💙❤️❤️😍💙

  64. A 4
    A 4
    15 日 前

    Lmao everyone dressed all fancy bts over here looking like some casual kings 😭

  65. lisa kendrick
    lisa kendrick
    15 日 前

    As an army I’m proud of mamamoo

  66. Dan Khammanivong
    Dan Khammanivong
    15 日 前

    38:22 Namjoon I see you lol

  67. Pérola Ataides
    Pérola Ataides
    15 日 前


  68. jammae Garcia caguiat
    jammae Garcia caguiat
    16 日 前

    Bts & Mamamoo my king & queen

  69. jammae Garcia caguiat
    jammae Garcia caguiat
    16 日 前

    Bts intro+N.O+bullet proof pt. 2 hit 27m in other JPmanage channel

  70. Ishika Sharma
    Ishika Sharma
    16 日 前

    Well Jackson's reaction is the bestest performance 😜😜💜💜

  71. Jane L
    Jane L
    16 日 前

    Mamamoo perfect! amazing!!

  72. Niken Fitriani
    Niken Fitriani
    16 日 前

    A A A A A A A A ATEEZ !!!

  73. Charlotte 2002
    Charlotte 2002
    17 日 前

    I dunno what happend but the sound quality is awful in almost every clip XD like, the performance of Mamamoo is amazing but you can barely hear them T-T

  74. Loida Yambao
    Loida Yambao
    17 日 前

    Bute nalang talaga d kasama BLACKPINK dyan kung nandyan lang blackpink talbog yan....jwk

  75. Kazakh girl
    Kazakh girl
    17 日 前


  76. -WeSeeSnow -
    -WeSeeSnow -
    17 日 前

    I'm so proud of Ateez ♥️

  77. Adam Haiqal
    Adam Haiqal
    17 日 前


  78. Tzu John
    Tzu John
    18 日 前

    The real queens slaying every year, 2020 Mama also ruled by TWICE.

  79. CYREN Once army
    CYREN Once army
    18 日 前

    TWICE and BTS KING AND QUEEN THE festival 👑🍭💜

  80. serpil Türker
    serpil Türker
    18 日 前

    Style mamaoo hwasa ??????

  81. °ꨄBlinkPinkꨄ°
    18 日 前

    0:29 "JaY wY pEe"

  82. bᥲᥒᥱᥒ 𖤍.
    bᥲᥒᥱᥒ 𖤍.
    18 日 前

    انا مومو بس شكلي بطلع من الفاندوم؟!., حسيتهم عاهـ...ـرات بالعروض الي طلعت؟!.،

  83. Hoda Elokda
    Hoda Elokda
    18 日 前

    I hate jyp

  84. رتاج الخفاجي
    رتاج الخفاجي
    18 日 前

    7:11this is my girl,s😏🥺❤️🥵

  85. Steffie Derozin
    Steffie Derozin
    18 日 前

    Honestly, it looks like JYP was counting the steps while he was dancing with Hwasa

  86. Rahma Doski
    Rahma Doski
    18 日 前

    كالعاده bts يجننون

  87. Ayda Asadi
    Ayda Asadi
    19 日 前

    Who's here for Jackson's reaction😂😂😂😂

  88. Pema Deckey
    Pema Deckey
    19 日 前

    We miss big bang performance 😭😭

  89. numbwindflower
    19 日 前


  90. KookieaaAa
    19 日 前

    I'm being serious 2019 MAMA cameramen were so loving focusing on namjoon for no reason 🙂

  91. Neo city
    Neo city
    19 日 前

    10:45 Damn...why didn't I stan ateez! Imma stan them, THEY ARE SO COOL.

  92. Bea Gobangco
    Bea Gobangco
    19 日 前

    HWASA IS A GEM!!!!!!

  93. Julian Miguel Benito
    Julian Miguel Benito
    19 日 前

    Camera man be like:F*ck it lets film bts instead

  94. sabri sabri
    sabri sabri
    19 日 前

    Mamamoo Queens

  95. Hanen Ferchichi
    Hanen Ferchichi
    19 日 前

    جاكسوننننننن 😂😂😂😂😂😂🙂

  96. Deepa
    19 日 前

    Mamamoo are queens

  97. Ilana Almeida
    Ilana Almeida
    19 日 前


  98. ABRTMSY yn
    ABRTMSY yn
    20 日 前

    Just living for the Taekook moment 😌

  99. Min Viih
    Min Viih
    20 日 前

    Ateez and BTS, they are wonderful❤️

  100. Woo
    20 日 前

    Twice 😊😊